Of browsers and software


Firefox has been crawling for me recently. I mostly fixed this today by uninstalling Google Desktop from my MacBook.

However I also fired up Opera – boy did it feel fast next to Firefox. I really do like the cross browser sync features of Google Browser Sync which allows me to keep home and office in sync, and things like Web Developer (which is only an occasional use, but invaluable), however Opera is a very nice browser. Its a bit worrying to see all the stuff on pages I normally don’t see – I normally always use AdBlock, but other than that Opera is under strong consideration.


Theatrical matters


A gap in blogging – I have been running a show in theatre for the last week, which leaves little time for anything else (sleep is short too).

The main things learned, are never expect a stage gun to work – in fact expect anything technical to play games given the chance…

The abiding sound of the week was the click click click click bang of one of the stagehands attempting to get a working gunshot.