Theatrical Going Ons


Currently the theatre is dark – there is 4 weeks of work being done on the heating system (conveniently in one of the colder periods).

A week back I did my first show of the year – a dance show with a company that I haven’t worked with before, although thats not too suprising since they only put a show on in alternate years. This dance school was fun to work with – well behaved, hard working and technically very good, however it was hard work because the staging aspects – lighting and set requirements – were being revealed to us as we went along.

However it was a good start to the year – next show is very different – Up and Under, which will be far more of a straight comedy play, but is likely to be quite creative in what they are doing. I hope to get to one of their rehearsals in the next week or so and get an idea of whats needed.


The Return


Hmm.. it’s been a while. A very long while in fact.
However I think I will resurrect this blog – I did wonder about quietly killing it and starting another rather than have the embarassment of an 18 month gap in posting, but I’ll live with that for now.
We can at least see where it goes from here.