Bletchley Park


There has been a lot of activity on Twitter this morning regarding Bletchley Park – the home of the wartime British decryption effort, and effectively the birthplace of modern computing.  Have a look at for information.

Bletchley Park is decaying, and in danger of becoming unsustainable – meaning a good chunk of modern computing history will be lost to the world.  The normal funding mechanisms (National Lottery etc) have declined to support Bletchley Park.

There are many ways to support Bletchley Park – donations, visiting both the site and The National Museum of Computing, petitioning the government (alternative for non-UK folks), or writing to your MP to support this to the government.

I have never visited Bletchley Park as yet (the excuse is that its too far away from the best part of the country and too close to London).  However I have donated, petitioned and this year I intend to make the visit.

How about you?


Favourite stock photo of the year to date



So this image is used to illustrate the news story Chaplain to ward off hospital ghost.

I salute the person who decided to go with the bedsheet theme for the illustration.

NB The original image is credited to Getty images – I have just linked to the Guardian copy of the image.



I’m shunting this blog across to wordpress – mainly to be able to use some of the tools available, such as the blogging bundle in TextMate, to handle blog posts.

The main thing is that I have no intention of doing software maintenance on a blogging platform (unless I’m being paid for it), so I am sticking with a hosted platform.

You may also find that the theme and layout (assuming you are looking here rather than reading via RSS) may keep changing in the short term until I get to like one look.